Life Groups

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Life groups are a chance to explore what Jesus claims about life for yourself. It's an informal chance to discuss what the bible says with a few other people, over 5 weeks. If you or someone you know would be interested there will be 4 groups starting over the next few weeks. 

International life group: Starting 16th Jan, Cathedral community centre, 6pm.
Life Group: Starting 17th Jan, 42 Ulster road, 7:30pm. 
Women's life group: Starting 18th Jan, St. Paul's parish centre, 9:30am.
Student life group: Starting 25th Jan, 25 Ulster road, 7:30pm. 

Church Family Prayer Tea

5th November

4-6Pm at Ripley


The first sunday of every month we have Prayer Tea, where our whole church family gather together for the privilege of praying to God our father. We'll hear updates on different areas of church life then pray to to thank God for what's been happening and for the continued work to be done here in Lancaster. We'll also be praying for our mission partners further afield. 

Spur Conference

Spur is a one day conference for students to help them think about how to best serve Christ with their life after Graduation. This includes helping students to think about whether that would be full time paid ministry. The conference is done in partnership with '9:38' and 'The North West Partnership' and this year will be hosted by Holy Trinity Platt Church, in Manchester. It is on the 11th of November and we will be arranging transport there and back. Book here:


New Students

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Starting on the 1st for every sunday in October, students have the opportunity to have a second breakfast and lunch with us at Ripley sixth form centre. Breakfast will start from 10:30 and there will be lifts available from Lancaster University chaplaincy at 10:15. After lunch there will also be various activities happening, as a chance for students to get to know each other and members of our student team. Finally, our student bible studies start up again on the 8th of October at 6pm. Visit the student page for more details.