Life Groups

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Life groups are a chance to explore what Jesus claims about life for yourself. It's a chance to chat, have coffee and cake, and open up the Bible. The course consists of a total of 5 sessions, each lasting around an hour and a half. You'll be guided through reading the Bible using simple questions and sometimes a short video - but you can also ask any questions you like! If you or someone you know would be interested there will be groups at the following times an places:
Life Group: Thursday 11th October, 93 Barton Road, 7:30pm. 
Women's life group with a creche for small children: Thursday 11th October, High Street, 9:30am.

If you would like to attend or would just like more information then please contact Nathan Weston (

Campus Bible Talk

6th June

The final campus bible talk of the year is coming up looking at the question "What if life after death was certain?". For many death is the last big fear. We put everything into avoiding it, hoping there is something after. What difference would it make if we could know what comes next? Join us as we look at what the bible has to say to answer this question. Cavendish LT, Lancaster University, 6pm in English and 7:30pm in Mandarin. 

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Baptisms and Prayer Tea


3rd June

We have the great privilege of baptising people and welcoming new partners this Sunday. Baptisms will be after the 11:15 meeting, so if you go to the 9:30 do join us at 12:30 for the baptisms. And then, as usual prayer tea is at 4pm. At prayer tea we'll be praying together for our mission and our needs as a church, hearing updates, and welcoming in new partners.