Campus Bible Talks

Wednesday 14th March

How can a loving God send people to hell? The bible teaches that God is loving creator who wants to save people, but also just judge who must punish people. How do the two fit together? Can they even fit together? This is the question we'll be exploring in bible at our next CBT. Also for the first time ever we will be doing the same talk in mandarin at 7pm, straight after the english talk at 6pm. There is also a change of venue to Frankland LT. 

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A6 2017-18 CBT Front Mandarin.jpg

Life Groups

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Life groups are a chance to explore what Jesus claims about life for yourself. It's an informal chance to discuss what the bible says with a few other people. The first week is just a taster session with no further commitments, to find out if these are for you. If it is there's a total of 5 sessions. If you or someone you know would be interested there will be groups at the following times an places:
Life Group: Starting 31st Jan, 42 Ulster road, 7:30pm. 
Women's life group: Starting 1st Feb, St. Paul's parish centre, 9:30am.

Titus 2

25th February

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In Titus chapter 2, Paul charges older women with the specific task of training younger women in the gospel, to help them to live godly lives that do not allow the word of God to be maligned. Our annual Titus 2 afternoon is an opportunity for us to encourage this woman-to-woman ministry. Women in our church family from all ages and nationalities will be meeting to hear from and apply God's word together while getting to know each other better. 2:30 - 5pm, Ripley sixth form centre, with afternoon tea included. Contact Charlotte Fraser to sign up.