What is Third Pig Partners?

The Third Pig in the famous children’s story is the pig who built his house out of bricks, in contrast to the first two with their flimsy houses of sticks and straw.

Since 2005 Moorlands’ student ministry has been about reaching students for Christ and establishing them as disciples who last. Instead of entertainment, music, gimmicks and so on, our ministry is built confidently on God's word.

If you are a former student, parent or friend of Moorlands, we invite you to partner with us in two ways. Firstly, we'd love you to pray for our student ministry. Secondly, we would love you to help us raise £10,000 per year towards the cost of one of our Student Workers.

Becoming a Third Pig Partner is a great investment in our strategic student ministry so that another generation of students can be built up in Christ and sent out into his harvest field.

Going through Mark’s Gospel in Real Food has helped me to appreciate and understand Jesus’ sacrifice for us much more.
— Cerys Gregory, second year Geography student

Why invest in students?

Stage of life

University years are uniquely formative. We have the opportunity to help students shape their lives around what really matters in this world. Students tend to have more free time to get trained and equipped.

Opportunities for evangelism

There are 15,000 students in our city. Most of them don't know Jesus, yet many of them are willing to find out more about him. The mission field is huge.

Growing the wider church

We have taught and trained hundreds of students during their time in Lancaster. Many of them are now serving all over the UK, and the rest of the world.

The general friendliness and gospel-centredness of people at church is a great encouragement to keep going and growing.
— Steve Sammons, third year Maths & Physics student

Becoming a Third Pig Partner

1. Pray

Please fill out your email address below if you'd like to receive termly prayer updates about our student work in Lancaster.

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2. Give

You can give securely through tithe.ly using the link below.
Or please contact us (thirdpigpartners@moorlands.org.uk) if you'd like to give another way.