The Vision

Since we began in 2005 our vision and hope has been to see Moorlands grow, under God, into a city centre church which is able to  reach the city of Lancaster and its university campuses for Christ, equip and send out gospel workers into the world-wide mission field, and help resource, plant and revitalise other churches.

With the purchase of the former URC Buildings on the High Street in the very heart of the city, we now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build something that will expand and multiply gospel ministry for many years to come.  With its strategic central location and space for growth, we believe this site will enable many more people to hear the saving message of Jesus, knowing that as his word is taught, Jesus is building something that will last for ever. 

We are thrilled to have been successful in our bid to purchase this site.  But this is just the beginning. Now we are working hard on an ambitious re-development project to turn these ancient buildings into a modern, welcoming and accessible resource where the word of God can be heard, and people built up in Christ.  

The Opportunity

High Street Site

400-seater church building
Church centre, including hall and office spaces
3 bedroom house

The Cost

For the whole project to become a reality we will need to raise a total of approximately £1.5 million pounds. So far the Moorlands church family has given very generously indeed, making the purchase of the site possible. We have been thrilled by offers of friends and like-minded partners elsewhere to help make the next stage of the project possible.  Now is the time we need your help.

The benefits of having a permanent, visible base in the centre of the city that can be used every day of the week for all kinds of word ministries are huge.  We would love it if you could partner with us by giving.  A gift of any size will make a difference as we seek, under God, to make this opportunity a reality.

How to give

For secure, tax efficient, online giving, click the link below.  

For information about direct bank transfer, where to send cheques, and information about Gift Aid, please click the link below.

Contact us
For more information about giving, or if you would like receive updates on the progress of the project including how to pray, please get in touch.  


Target £1.5 million

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