Welcome to our website. It can be daunting walking into a new church for the first time, whether you are used to church or new to the whole experience. At Moorlands we want to do our best to make it as easy as possible to settle in, to get to know people, and to get involved.


Alongside millions of evangelical Christians around the world we believe that the Bible is God's true and powerful word which contains all that we need to know for life and for salvation, and which ought to determine all we do and think as a church. 

Because this is God's work, we are committed to doing his work his way, which means being dependent on his word, the Bible.  To this end our priorities as a community of Christian people are:

  1. To be taught and built up through careful Bible teaching.

  2. To see Christians loving and serving each other and being trained and equipped for a life time of service. 

  3. To share the good news of Jesus with others in Lancaster, on the university campuses and further afield.

Moorlands church family is made up of people of many different ages, backgrounds, and stages of Christian understanding. But at the heart of everything we do is a trust in the living God who has revealed himself through his word, and a desire to glorify him by spreading everywhere the message of Jesus Christ.  

We would be delighted if you could join as we seek to know God better, and to make him known by proclaiming Christ! Find out more about Sundays at Moorlands.