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At Moorlands we believe that your time at University is a crucial time to grow as a Christian by playing an active part in the mission of a local church. We want to do all we can to help you make the most of this opportunity and to make sure you are strengthened in faith, stretched, trained and equipped through God’s word for a lifetime of serving Jesus in Lancaster and beyond.

Our priorities as a community of Christian people are evangelism, Bible teaching and training. There is a wide range of people who make up Moorlands, but we do aim to make it a great church family for students who want to be taught, stretched and trained during their time in Lancaster and who want to play an active part in Christ’s work.


The best thing you can do is join us on a Sunday. We meet at 9.30am & 11.15am every Sunday morning at Ripley Sixth Form Academy (10.30am during the school holidays). Most of our students join us at the later meeting. And at 6pm on Sundays during term time we have Real Food for students.


Real Food - Sundays at 6pm


This is a key part of student life and one of the main ways we help you love and serve Jesus more. On Sunday nights during term time we meet at 6pm at Ripley Sixth Form Academy. We start with a short talk on an area of Christian life, we eat dinner, and then we split into small groups to study the Bible. In 2019/20, 1st and 2nd year students are studying the Gospel of Mark, and 3rd years a Bible Overview.


Explore Christianity

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Campus Bible Talks are a series of events that we run on campus each term. We simply open the bible up and see what it says. Our next campus bible talk:

Campus Bible Talks have finished for this year, we will restart next academic year.

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We regularly run Life courses. These are informal meetings to look at what the bible says and ask any questions. There is no praying or singing, just your chance to explore the Bible’s big claims.

(For more information contact Gareth at the bottom of the page)



We offer every first year student the opportunity to meet up with an older Christian to read the Bible one-to-one. It's a great way to be encouraged as a student, get to grips with different parts of the Bible, and also to get to know an older Christian in our church family.

Campus Bible Talks

Talks from the Bible on Lancaster campus for undergraduate and postgraduate students. This year all the talks are from Romans under the theme of 'Justice'. Please visit the Facebook page for more information.


Mid-Year Conference

MYC is our annual student conference in Cumbria. We get stuck into a big Bible doctrine together and have loads of fun. Over the years topics covered include the resurrection, relationships, ministry, the Holy Spirit, and others.


A Saturday away at the start of first and third term. We spend time getting to know Jesus better from a particular passage, and also discussing how we can make him known on the two campuses.

9:38 Conference

A one-day conference for students in the North of England who are considering how they can best serve Christ when they graduate from university. In partnership with '9:38' and 'The North West Partnership.'


Gareth is our full-time Student Worker. Please contact him if you're coming to study in Lancaster, or would like to ask any other questions.