Growth Groups are for our non-student members and meet during the week in people’s homes. Growth Groups are about helping our members grow in discipleship, as they study the Bible together, pray for one another, and encourage each other as they seek to live and speak for Jesus.  

There are various groups meeting in different areas of the city, as well as daytime groups for those who are free at that time.  As with all our activities, the focus of the time is studying God’s word together and thinking through the implications for how we think and act as Christian people.  

There is also plenty of time for prayer, chat and simply enjoying getting to know one another!


Bible Studies

This term in Growth Groups we'll be going through the Discipleship Explored course together, and seeing how the book of Philippians trains us to live out the Christian life in partnership with each other.


Every year our programme of centrals give all the groups some input on a key aspect of Christian theology, help with a challenging area of Christian life or training on communicating the Christian faith more clearly.


Please contact Nathan if you'd like more information about Growth Groups.