Wednesdays, 5-6.30pm at our Dumbarton Road Building

Real Food Micro is for you if you are in Year 7-9, want to know more about Jesus, and love having fun.

This term we’re finding out just what Jesus is doing in the world right now. In the Bible book of Acts we’ll see that Jesus is getting the message about himself out to the ends of the earth. It’s a massive task, with lots of ups and downs, but he’s succeeding - and he’s asking us to join in.

View the dates and passages for the term here.

Sundays, 6.30-8.15pm at Ripley Sixth Form Academy

Real Food Nano is for anyone in Year 10-13 who wants to meet Jesus in God’s word.

This year we're discovering the big picture of the whole Bible - and finding that even though it was written over centuries, across countries and by all sorts of people, it is all one big story about our big God keeping his big promises to his world.

View the dates and passages for the year here.

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Sunday sermons

The high point of our week is meeting together on Sundays to learn from God’s word in the sermon. Our over 11s join us for the sermon in the main meeting and under 11s have their own teaching in groups.
Find out more about Sundays here.

Youth Breakfasts

At the start of every sermon series we meet  to get our bearings in the Bible book we’ll be studying.  It’s a great opportunity to ask questions and to pray together.


At Rooted we look at a certain topic that particularly affects young Christians. We find out what God has to say from the Bible and discuss how best to put God’s wisdom into practice. All so we might continue to be ‘rooted and built up in Christ Jesus’. (Colossians 2:6-7).


Casterton One @ Quinta

For 11-14s.  Hearing the good news of Jesus on a fun packed holiday.
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For 14-18s. A holiday getting your teeth stuck into big Bible truths and how they will change your life.
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Please contact Becky if you have any questions about our Youth work.